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Ecolab – A Leader in Food Safety Products


Food SafetyFood safety is a significant concern for manufacturers. Not only do they have to create products that are safe for consumers, but they must also meet government regulations. This means they must have quality assurance systems to prevent unfit products from entering the market. They must also have procedures to remove unsafe products from the market and protect consumers’ health. These procedures also preserve the reputation of brands.

Ecolab is a trusted partner in food safety

As a trusted partner in food safety, Ecolab is dedicated to providing fast and reliable testing methods for food and beverage food safety products. Our solutions include allergen and pathogen testing, hygiene monitoring, and sample collection products. In addition, we work with food and beverage companies worldwide to ensure their products are safe for consumers.

The food safety division’s food safety training seminars will allow the companies to expand their services in indicator testing and their offerings outside the US. Ecolab’s research has improved the accuracy of pathogen testing. Through their collaboration with many college researchers, Ecolab has created a new molecular testing technology that is more accurate, faster, and more efficient. This new technology helps food manufacturers detect harmful bacteria and pathogens while minimizing the environmental footprint of their processes.

Ecolab products safeguard your business

Ecolab Food Safety is a leader in innovative solutions for the food safety product industry. These products help businesses minimize risk, improve productivity, and protect their brand and bottom line. From pet food to baby food, Ecolab has everything you need to ensure food safety and quality. From filtration systems to sanitary ladles, Ecolab has your needs covered.

Ecolab Food Safety is committed to protecting the quality of food and drink products through advanced testing methods. Their food safety solutions help mitigate risk and protect consumers’ health worldwide. Their comprehensive portfolio includes food safety kits, Petrifilm (TM) plates, and QA/QC tools. The company’s mission is to protect our world by safeguarding the food supply.

Ecolab food safety solutions can help businesses comply with food safety regulations. These solutions are ISO-certified and validated by third parties. These products also help improve hygienic practices and reduce contamination risks. Furthermore, Ecolab food safety solutions help equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure food safety. Through their seminars, your team will gain insight into food safety and how to comply with US  food safety regulations.

Ecolab products mitigate risk

Providing a comprehensive range of food safety products testing, Ecolab helps to mitigate risk and protect consumers. Their portfolio of sample preparation and sample collection products, as well as their quality indicators, quality control systems, and sample analysis tools, enable processors to meet the highest standards for food safety.

Ecolab’s Food Safety business is the leading global provider of solutions to prevent foodborne illness. The company provides allergen testing, pathogen testing, hygiene monitoring, and sample collection products to companies worldwide. The company also works closely with food and beverage companies to mitigate risk. The combined company will have a global presence and more than 100,000 end-user customers.

In addition to its innovative products, Ecolab also provides innovative solutions to ensure the safety of food, beverages, and equipment. Ecolab’s comprehensive line of fall arrest equipment, adhesive technologies, and safety monitoring solutions helps food and beverage producers maximize quality and protect consumers. By offering innovative solutions, Ecolab products and services help companies mitigate risk, and improve operations while impacting the bottom line.